Animal Shelter

Contact: Corinne



Help with socialization, dog walking, training, laundry, bathing or cleaning of the kennels.  A garden to maintain and administrative duties for those that want to assist in other ways.

 Pet Photographers – join the photo team and commit to at least one day a week to take digital pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words and this case those words are “Adopt me!”

Cat Cuddlers – Cat Cuddlers are responsible for nurturing, socializing and giving attention and affection to cats and kittens during their stay at the Animal Center, making them more comfortable on the adoption floor.

Fido Fitness – Fido Fitness provide the dogs with their daily exercise. The Center has a yard that the walkers can use, or you can walk around the block. Tired dogs are content dogs; content, calm dogs are more adoptable.


Dog Cuddlers – Dog Cuddlers provide socialization and affection to animals too young to walk, or dogs and puppies that are shy or fearful.  Dogs and puppies that are confident and happy to be with people are more adoptable.

Off-site Event Assistants – These volunteers travel to off-site events to raise awareness about the shelter by handing out literature, answering questions about the shelter, helping with setup and takedown, transporting animals from the shelter to site, and handling animals at the site.

Marketing – Our Animal Center is always looking for ways to promote our shelter so that more people come out and adopt. This team also works to promote spaying and neutering animals, and help raise funds.

Clean Team – Do you like doing laundry? Love to organize or tidy? Training needed to use our commercial dishwasher and washers/dryers.

*Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian.