Blankets to SPCA December 8

dog blanketsProverbs 12:10 – “The righteous know the needs of their animals…”

As we approach the winter months, we pull out our heavy jackets and scarves and prepare for the cold. Our furry friends waiting for their forever homes at the Dare County SPCA, however, are awaiting winter on cold concrete floors. In the midst of your holiday busy-ness, as you make room for presents for your family and friends, please take some time to pull out any old blankets that are taking up closet space and earmark them for donation to the SPCA. Your gifts of blankets/bedding can be dropped off at the All Saints Episcopal church office and will be delivered to the shelter in Manteo on December 8. Let’s help our four-legged friends be nestled snug in the beds. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated!