Making a Donation to Outer Banks CommonGood Communication

Outer Banks CommonGood accepts donations online.   

Outer Banks CommonGood is an unincorporated nonprofit association governed by N.C.G.S. Chapter 59B: Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association. We act together to connect people to organizations, agencies, and volunteer opportunities and to communicate community concerns and events.   As an unincorporated association, Outer Banks CommonGood Communications lacks the formalities of a corporation and are loosely organized.  Outer Banks CommonGood Communication is Nancy and Larry Proctor.

We are also exempt of NC Solicitation of Contribution Law and Rules (131F-3).   Solicitation will not exceed $25,000 in contributions in any calendar year and does not provide compensation to any officer, trustee, organizer, fundraiser or solicitor.  Anyone can make donations to the Outer Banks CommonGood Communications but the donations are NOT tax deductible.  Your donation is considered a non-taxable / non-deductible gift.

So it is simple.  Donate through Paypal.  Use your Paypal Account or any major credit card.

Thanks you being a subscriber.  And thank you for your donation which supports us so we can support you.