Endless Possibilities Volunteers

ep-logo1Making a new life from the remnants of what was…

A place where volunteer and student weavers specialize in handwoven fabrics made from donated or castoff fabrics from the Hotline Thrift Shops.

Endless Possibilities is more than a quirky and creative gallery, it’s a fund raising program of the Outer Banks Hotline Crisis Intervention and Prevention Center. It’s also part weaving program, part community center, part recycling program, and part haven. It is a tactile display that invites people to touch and participate. As they become involved in the space and the activity, they are also immersed in the message that saving tattered clothes saves tattered lives.

Endless Possibilities offers custom weaving

Pricing starts at $6/sq.ft. and varies by type of material. There is no extra charge for custom orders.

Neck ties make wonderful creations!

Tie creations are priced per tie, not per square foot.

endless posssiblities 2Lots has been happening at EP! Super sized custom orders! July’s open house prompted a “big sweep” and two large looms were sold — definitely making more space in the “intimate” weaving studio space in the rear of the shop — just have to become even more thoughtful and efficient with warp colors, taking custom orders and scheduling classes! NO Problem!!!!

Busy summer schedules have definitely cut into the number of weaving volunteers — just a few are accomplishing quite a lot here. So, beach peeps — y’all come on by 4711 S. Croatan Hwy, Karma Blue and Endless Possibilities — check it out — schedule some time for weaving. We teach for free! The busier you are, the more you benefit from even an hour of this calming, centering activity — weaving (although, most folk want to stay at least 3 hours, but that’s up to you)

All proceeds aid domestic and sexual violence survivor services and programs on the Outer Banks