Love well and work for the common good


Last week I spent most of my time on the beach in Hatteras.  I was just grandma – even my grown-up children called me that. I took the role seriously and let the grown-ups take care of everything else, including world peace. On occasion I would get a little beep from my iphone when the Outer Banks Voice sent me a text message about local news.  The New York Times sent me emails of Breaking Headlines. I had the important stuff covered.

On the beach, I lazed about with my family, made a sandcastle with Gavin, and washed the sand off my dog Gracie. We played a great game of ‘Apple to Apples’ one night and had a fantastic dinner of Shrimp and Grits two nights in a row at Rusty’s.  Once in a while, I pondered the meaning of the universe and gave some thought as to what exactly is the Common Good?   I’ve   decided to do some research. I am starting slowly. So far, I’ve pinned dozens of graphics on a Pinterest Board including the one below.   In case you can’t find it, Work for the Common Good is in the second to last row along with Love Well. I think the order should be reversed. Love well and work for the common good.

to be continued.  Nancy