A Message from Religious Leaders and People of Faith


As religious leaders and people of faith, we have grown deeply concerned over a public climate that seems to us to marginalize and even demonize some of the most vulnerable people among us, especially refugees, immigrants, and transgender individuals.

We are greatly troubled by recently announced public policies that jeopardize the well-being of people who have already suffered much, and who pose no threat to national security and no risk of harm to their neighbors. We are dismayed by news reports from across the country of too many occasions when fearful or hateful people have seized upon these policies and the language justifying them as license to threaten and even attack those seen as “other” or “unwelcome.”

 The faith traditions we serve differ in many ways, but all urge us to honor and uphold the dignity of every person, and to recognize the kinship of all humankind. We hope and pray that our elected officials and all who carry out public policies will be guided by love and compassion, and that they may be healed of the fear and indifference that feeds exclusion and mistreatment.

In full recognition of our own human fallibility, we call upon ourselves and upon all our neighbors not to harden our hearts, but to follow the heart of all faiths: to love our neighbor, to welcome the stranger, and to give comfort to the vulnerable.

Rev. David Morris, Rev. David Feyrer, Rev. Philip Glick, Rev. Keith Dey, Rev. Cherri Wheeler, Rev. Elizabeth Tyson, Rev. Thomas Wilson, Mr. George Lurie, Rev. Fran Peel, Rev. Craig Peel, Mr. Wayne Barry, Rev. Tom Murphy, Rev. Robert Pitsch, Rev. Spottswood Graves and Rev. Nick Hodsdon | North Dare Ministerial Association