“Science On The Sound” Lecture On The Gulf Stream And Continental Shelf Water May 25

UNC Coastal Studies Institute To Host “Science On The Sound” Lecture On The Gulf Stream And Continental Shelf Water Exchange On May 25, 2017

The UNC Coastal Studies Institute (UNC CSI) is hosting a lecture on the Gulf Stream and the exchange of continental shelf water into the deep ocean part of its “Science on the Sound” lecture series. This series, held monthly, highlights information on coastal topics and issues in northeast North Carolina. This month, the program will feature Mike Muglia, Research Associate with the UNC Coastal Studies Institute. Mr. Muglia’s presentation, entitled “PEACHes and Stream: Investigating Shelf Water Exchange into the Deep Ocean”, will feature discussion on the interaction between the continental shelf water and the deep ocean, including the Gulf Stream. Mr. Muglia will also highlight some of his current research investigating the exchanges between these water masses and their important role they play in coastal systems. The program will be held at 6:00PM on Thursday, May 25 at the UNC Coastal Studies Institute located at 850 NC 345 in Wanchese, NC. The presentation is free and the public is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

The dynamics off Cape Hatteras are currently quite exceptional. Many different water masses converge here: Mid Atlantic Bight shelf water, South Atlantic Bight shelf water, Chesapeake Bay plume, Slope Sea water, Gulf Stream water, upper Labrador Sea water, the Deep Western Boundary Current, and perhaps even Antarctic Intermediate water. Current UNC CSI collaborative research projects, including the North Carolina Renewable Ocean Energy Research Program and the Processes driving Exchange at Cape Hatteras (PEACH) project have begun to examine this confluence to understand the physical dynamics that evolve in the ever-changing dance between these water masses. Fronts, like those seen on weather maps, also occur in the ocean and influence fishing, boating, and beach going on the Outer Banks. Join us for an engaging presentation with Mike Muglia as he highlights many of these projects, and discusses what they mean to our community.