Working towards the Common Good, we can create and sustain a caring, diverse and dynamic Outer Banks community and beyond.

Common Good can mean many things to different people. I believe that the Common Good includes equity, fairness and the opportunity for every person to be clothed, fed, healthy, safe and free to achieve their potential. The Common Good asks us to do this challenging work with compassion – to speak the truth, in love, to power. When diverse people come together, listen to new ideas and perspectives, and ask questions we have the power to transform the good for all, the common good is made manifest.
These are difficult, complex issues we grapple with as we work for the  Common Good: poverty, education, health care, environmental justice, inequalities in the criminal justice system and ensure equality under the law for every person, regardless of race, class, creed, documentation or sexual preference.

Nancy Proctor

I have a background in organizational and human development. I graduated from the Universe of Utah and since that time have taken graduate courses and executive programs provided by Star King Theological College, University of Maryland, and the London School of Economics.  I retired as an executive from a national specialty contractor totally own by a leading international geotechnical design/build company.  I’ve served on church and nonprofit boards in Maryland and on the Outer Banks. I have two wonderful, brilliant grandchildren who live in Nags Head.

When I moved here, I found a perfect match of interests: Digital Media and  Organizational and Community Development.  I wanted to work independently but still interact with others. I wanted to provide a needed service in our Community.  About eight years ago, I started investigating the possibility of connecting organizations and people. After receiving some positive feedback, I decided to begin publishing a weekly electronic newsletter featuring CommonGood issues, concerns, organizations and services.  Starting with 50 people, CommonGood has grown to 2800 subscribers.  I have also met the demands of websites, Facebook pages and twitter.   What was a small weekly newsletter has grown into a website, a calendar, volunteer listings, Facebook page, and twitter.

My process begins with receiving press releases and emails from local organizations.  Dated events are added to the calendar by my husband Larry.  Then articles are posted on the website at  At the same time, articles are automatically published on Facebook and to twitter.  Every week I pull together website posts to create a weekly newsletter which goes out on Wednesdays. I take some liberty with articles sent to me.  I try to put our local need in context with issues on the state and national level. I subscribe to a number of  online publications and google alerts. I select articles that I think have a broader local appeal, provides context on issues, and, to be honest, areas of personal interest such as hunger, education, environment, and changes of demographics.

CommonGood Organization

Outer Banks Newsletter, Website, Facebook, Calendar are part of the Outer Banks CommonGood Nonprofit Association. We are an unincorporated nonprofit association governed by . N.C.G.S. Chapter 59B: Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association. We act together to connect people to organizations, agencies, volunteer opportunities and to issues and concerns in our community. Donations to Outer Banks CommonGood Association are not deductible. Your donation is considered a non-taxable / non-deductible gift. The donations are not reported on a tax form.

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